Smart Phones as Assistive Listening Devices

The ability to connect hearing aids to smartphones through Bluetooth has opened up a wide array of possibilities to help overcome a variety of communication challenges. Smart phones can be used instead of and in conjunction with hearing aid accessories to help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

All hearing aid manufacturers have their own smartphone app that gives the user some control over their hearing aids such as the ability to adjust volume and change hearing aid programs. This eliminates the need for a remote control. Many patients prefer to simply make these adjustments using their smart phone as this eliminates the need to carry around an extra device. Every manufacturer’s smartphone app is unique and has its own features. Your audiologist will help you navigate the app.

iPhone "Live Listen" Feature: This feature allows the iPhone to act as a remote microphone. Once the hearing aids are connected to the iPhone, simply place the iPhone in front of the communication partner. The voice of the communication partner is then is picked up by the microphone of the iPhone and sent directly to the hearing aids. This feature eliminates the need for a remote microphone in challenging listening situations. The “Live Listen” feature of the iPhone can be accessed in the general settings of the iPhone.