Caring for your hearing aids once the warranty has expired

Regular servicing of your hearing aid(s) once they are out of warranty is important as it ensures your hearing aid(s) are functioning properly and it may extend the lifespan of your hearing aid(s).

Our clinics offer regular After Warranty Service appointments to all hearing aid users whether they are current patients of ours or patients transferring from another clinic.

These appointments include:

  • Thorough cleaning of your hearing aid(s)
  • Replacement of minor hearing aid parts such as tubing, domes, wax guards, and retention tails, etc.
  • Listening check 
  • Diagnostic testing of your hearing aid(s). This testing ensures your hearing aid(s) is working properly according to manufacturer specifications. 
  • Otoscopy 


During your After Warranty Service appointment your certified audiologist will provide you with information on how your hearing aid(s) look and sound. They will be able to tell you if your hearing aid(s) are showing signs of age such as high distortion, high internal noise and low volume. If necessary, they will also go over how to properly care for and clean your hearing aid(s).