Custom Hearing Protection

Audiologists see first hand the damage overexposure to loud noise can do to a person's hearing. People are bombarded every day with noise from traffic, lawn mowers, heavy machinery, music, office equipment and power tools, both at work and at home. Our Hearing Centres can provide you with a variety of custom hearing protection styles and options.
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Types of Custom Hearing Protection

Custom dB Blockers

For the industrial worker or anyone involved in noisy recreational activities such as hunting, rock concerts, car racing, etc. Did you know that exposure to even a lawn mower can potentially damage your hearing?

Custom Swim plugs

For protection of the ear for swimming or bathing. Great for young ones with tubes and the ear pieces actually float.

Custom musician plugs and Communication plugs

Designed for musicians who want to hear sound without distortion, but with less volume. Also available are custom ear buds for use with various listening devices.

Custom Sleep plugs

Designed for those who lack sleep or are easily interrupted by noise while trying to sleep. Designed for comfort while sleeping. Glow in the dark available. Particularly helpful for shift workers.

Why Non-Custom Hearing Protection is not Recommended

Custom hearing protection is always recommended over the non-custom foam and rubber earplugs readily available at drugstores. These earplugs are often not used correctly or consistently for a number of reasons, the biggest reason being discomfort.

Individuals using non-custom hearing protection are still at risk for a noise-induced hearing loss as they do not fit snuggly nor do they stay securely in the ear canal usually a side effect of improper insertion. Furthermore, they often cause the ear to become very moist and warm, which causes the user to remove them several times a day. This can be a nuisance and may increase the chance of introducing infection into the ear canal.

Another common complaint is difficulty hearing others talk while wearing these types of plugs. This is not only annoying, but can be dangerous in a situation where communication is necessary to inform people of possible dangers.