For Physicians

We pride ourselves on having provided quality hearing health care services for many family physicians and specialists since 1999. Our personalized patient care approach and professionalism have earned us respect and loyalty among our referring physicians. We are readily available to answer any questions you may have about our services or any specific cases involving mutual patients.

Hearing Aid specialist assisting a client

Sackville Hearing: 902 865-4455

Alderney Hearing: 902 465-4334

We are approved providers for DVA and WCB and we provide full hearing assessments for employment purposes, amplification and diagnostic purposes. We provide amplification and aural rehabilitation for patients who are identified as having a hearing impairment and want improvement in their quality of life.

Your patient referrals will be accommodated within one week and priority is always given to patients referred on an emergency basis. A complete report outlining test results and recommendations will be sent to you.