How do I know if I need hearing aids?

Being a hearing aid candidate is typically dependent on these main factors:
  1. The degree of your hearing loss (see below for common signs of hearing loss)
  2. The impact your hearing loss has on your quality of life
  3. The impact your hearing loss has on others such as family, friends and coworkers 
  4. Your mental readiness and commitment to becoming a hearing aid user

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Complaining that people are mumbling
  • Frequently asking people to repeat what they have said
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in a group
  • Preferring the television or radio louder than other people
  • Trouble hearing on the telephone
  • Trouble understanding what is being said in church or other public gatherings
  • Trouble understanding people when you cannot see their faces
  • Trouble hearing when people speak softly
  • Avoiding being the first person to start a conversation
  • Avoiding social occasions, family gatherings, and noisy environments
  • Becoming more impatient, irritable, frustrated, or withdrawn

Other factors that contribute to hearing aid candidacy are:

  • Dexterity (ability to manipulate small objects)
  • Ear canal shape and size 
  • Mental acuity 
  • Family and social support system 
  • Finances

Think of your certified audiologist as your hearing healthcare coach and mentor. Trust that they always have your best interest in mind. They are there to educate you on your hearing test results, make individualized treatment recommendations, and counsel and support you on your journey to better hearing.