Regular care and cleaning of your hearing aid(s) is important for their longevity and for maintaining their function. Hearing aids that are well taken care of typically last longer and provide louder and clearer sound resulting in a better hearing aid experience for you.

Care and Cleaning Tips

  1. Each hearing aid has a colour indicator on it.   Left = Blue    Right = Red
  2. Use a hearing aid dehumidifier every night. This prevents moisture from damaging your hearing aid(s).
  3. Wipe and brush your hearing aid(s) in a downward manner every morning before putting them on. 
  4. Clean custom ear mold(s) or the tip of your hearing aid(s) weekly using disinfectant wipes.
  5. Change your wax guard(s) every 2 months or sooner if you notice it is dirty with wax and other debris. 
  6. If you are using disposable domes, change them every 2 months along with your wax guard(s).
  7. Keep your hearing aid(s) away from water. Remove them before showering and swimming. Also, do not store them in places with a lot of moisture such as the bathroom.
  8. Avoid exposing your hearing aid(s) to extreme temperatures. For example, do not leave them in your car.
  9. Keep your hearing aids in a closed case when you are not wearing them, especially if you have pets.
  10. If you tend to have problems with wax build-up, have your ears cleaned on a regular basis by your certified audiologist or your family physician. This will prevent wax from entering your hearing aid(s) and causing damage. Click here for more information on our wax removal services.