Start your journey to better hearing with our highly trained team and state-of-the-art hearing solutions!

Our clinics provide complimentary hearing aid consultation appointments, a 30-day hearing aid trial program, and a Peace-of-Mind Service plan that will take care of all your hearing healthcare needs.


Do I need hearing aids? Am I ready for hearing aids?

Our hearing aid evaluation appointments are complimentary. We strongly recommend that patients bring a family member or friend with them to their appointment. Two sets of ears are better than one!

During a hearing aid evaluation our certified audiologists will work with you to determine the hearing aid style and technology level best suited for your individual needs. Every patient is unique; therefore, we consider variables such as type of hearing loss, auditory processing ability, occupational needs, personal lifestyles, ability to handle a hearing device, listening environments, and finances. 

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Being a hearing aid candidate is typically dependent on these main factors:

  1. The degree of your hearing loss (see below for common signs of hearing loss)
  2. The impact your hearing loss has on your quality of life
  3. The impact your hearing loss has on others such as family, friends and coworkers 
  4. Your mental readiness and commitment to becoming a hearing aid user
Common Signs of Hearing Loss
  • Complaining that people are mumbling
  • Frequently asking people to repeat what they have said
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in a group
  • Preferring the television or radio louder than other people
  • Trouble hearing on the telephone
  • Trouble understanding what is being said in church or other public gatherings
  • Trouble understanding people when you cannot see their faces
  • Trouble hearing when people speak softly
  • Avoiding being the first person to start a conversation
  • Avoiding social occasions, family gatherings, and noisy environments
  • Becoming more impatient, irritable, frustrated, or withdrawn
Other factors that contribute to hearing aid candidacy are:
  • Dexterity (ability to manipulate small objects)
  • Ear canal shape and size 
  • Mental acuity 
  • Family and social support system 
  • Finances

Think of your certified audiologist as your hearing healthcare coach and mentor. Trust that they always have your best interest in mind. They are there to educate you on your hearing test results, make individualized treatment recommendations, and counsel and support you on your journey to better hearing.


Begin your journey to better hearing with our 30-day hearing aid trial!

This process starts with a consultation appointment with one of our certified audiologists. During this appointment you and your audiologist will determine the hearing aid manufacturer and hearing aid(s) most appropriate for you.

Your hearing aid(s) are then ordered and a series of appointments are scheduled over the course of a 30-day trial period. These appointments will ensure that your hearing aids are fit appropriately for your individual needs and that you possess all the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful hearing aid user. Please note, your audiologist has the discretion to extend your trial period if necessary.

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Hearing aids are available in many different styles and sizes.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, one of our certified audiologists will help you decide which style is best suited for your hearing loss, listening needs, and lifestyle.

It's important to understand that not all hearing aid styles are designed for all types of hearing loss.

It is also important to ensure that your hearing healthcare provider is trained on the appropriate hearing aid verification procedures and possesses a keen knowledge of how the auditory system functions.


Real Ear Measurements

Real ear measurements (REMs) are extremely important in the hearing aid fitting process as they indicate whether your hearing aid(s) is providing enough volume for your individual hearing loss. At our hearing centres, all hearing aid fittings are verified using “Real Ear Measurements” (REMs) unless contraindicated by age, mental acuity, or some physical abnormality of the external ear canal.

Hearing aid fitting
Trial Period

Our clinics provide a 30-day adjustment period. During this time your certified audiologist will work closely with you to ensure your hearing aids are comfortable and meeting your hearing needs.

Peace of Mind Service Plan

Our Peace-of-Mind Service Plan will take care of all your hearing healthcare needs allowing you to focus your energy on the other important things in your life.

Our Peace-of-Mind Service Plan includes:
  • 3-years of unlimited follow-up appointments 
  • Start-up supply of hearing aid batteries
  • 3 to 4-year hearing aid warranty 
  • 1 to 3-year hearing aid loss and damage warranty
  • Regularly scheduled hearing aid service appointments
  • Hearing aid dehumidifier and cleaning tools
  • A hearing reassessment 
  • Aural Rehabilitation Program and educational resources 
Fitting folder


Regular servicing of your hearing aid(s) once they are out of warranty is important as it ensures your hearing aid(s) are functioning properly and it may extend the lifespan of your hearing aid(s).

Our clinics offer regular After Warranty Service appointments to all hearing aid users whether they are current patients of ours or patients transferring from another clinic.

  • Thorough cleaning of your hearing aid(s)
  • Replacement of minor hearing aid parts such as tubing, domes, wax guards, and retention tails, etc.
  • Listening check 
  • Diagnostic testing of your hearing aid(s). This testing ensures your hearing aid(s) is working properly according to manufacturer specifications. 
  • Otoscopy 

During your After Warranty Service appointment your certified audiologist will provide you with information on how your hearing aid(s) look and sound. They will be able to tell you if your hearing aid(s) are showing signs of age such as high distortion, high internal noise and low volume. If necessary, they will also go over how to properly care for and clean your hearing aid(s).