We strongly encourage all patients to contact us immediately if they are having any problems or difficulties with their hearing aids. However, if you are unable to make it in OR would like to troubleshoot the issue on your own, here are some helpful tips for some common hearing aid issues.

My hearing aid(s) is squealing/whistling

  • Is the aid on/in the ear properly?
  • Is there wax in the ear canal?
  • Is there a tear/hole in the tubing/wire? Ear hook? Mold? Casing?
  • Is the hearing aid dirty or missing a component?

My hearing aid(s) is not staying in my ear

  • Is it in the proper ear? (Red = right; blue = left)
  • Is the dome/custom tip/earmold in deep enough?     
  • Try pulling up and out on the outer ear while inserting
  • If you use a retention tail, is it sitting in the bowl of your ear properly?

No sound is coming out of my hearing aid(s)

  • Is the battery dead?
  • Are the battery contacts inside the aid clean?
  • Is there wax/skin cells/debris inside the wax guard/tubing?
  • Have you been using your dryer nightly?

My hearing aid(s) sound muffled/distorted

  • Have you been using your dryer nightly?
  • Is there wax in your ear canal? In the wax guard? In the tubing?
  • If you have tubing, is there moisture in the tubing?
  • Have you been brushing your microphone ports?

My hearing aid batteries are not lasting as long as they should

  • After taking the sticker off, do you wait 2-5 minutes before putting your battery in your hearing aid?
  • Is there any sticker residue blocking the holes on your battery?
  • Have you been using your dryer every night? 
  • Is the battery in the right way – positive side facing up?
  • Are you remembering to turn your hearing aids off every night?
  • Have you been wearing your hearing aids in extreme temperatures? 
  • Have your listening environments become more demanding?
  • Are you using a streaming device with your hearing aids?