Bernafon was founded in 1946 in Bern, Switzerland, hence the name Bernafon! Bernafon is also owned by William Demant Holding Group. Its founder, Hans Gfeller, suffered from hearing loss himself and was motivated to help others with hearing loss. Bernafon produced the world’s first adjustable hearing aid and the worlds first computer-programmable hearing aid. Bernafon hearing aids have ChannelFree™ signal processing which is unique to Bernafon.  

Not unlike Oticon’s OpenSound Navigator,™ Bernafon’s Dynamic Environmental Control System™ or DECS™ constantly scans the listening environment and optimizes the signal for the listener in real time. This greatly reduces listening effort for the end user, allowing for a more enjoyable listening experience when excessive background noise is present. 

Lastly, many Bernafon hearing aids are able to directly connect to iPhones and iPads, as well as Android™ devices through the use of their SoundClip-A. As with Widex, Phonak and Oticon hearing aids, Bernafon provides a variety of assistive listening devices that can be used in conjunction with their hearing aids.