A leading manufacturer of hearing aids, Widex is a family-owned company that was founded in Denmark in 1956. It was Widex that developed the very first digital in-the-ear hearing aid in the industry in 1995.

Widex hearing aids are praised for their exceptionally clear sound quality. They are also a favourite among musicians, as they provide amplification of the full range of sound, allowing music’s many fluctuations in volume to sound natural and enjoyable.

With the ability to add specialized programs specifically for music, we are able to make precise fine-tuning adjustments to address each individual’s desires and needs for optimal music listening. 

Widex hearing aids are also an excellent solution for tinnitus sufferers.  In short, tinnitus is the sensation of hearing ringing and/or buzzing  - among many other sounds - in the ears. Please click here for more information on tinnitus.

While most tinnitus sufferers report a significant improvement in their tinnitus simply from wearing hearing aids, many patients also benefit from Widex’s unique Zen Therapy.  With Zen Therapy, patient’s can choose from many different calming “fractal tones” that can help distract them from their tinnitus. 

Widex also provides CROS and BiCROS hearing solutions designed for patients with hearing loss in one ear only, called single-sided deafness, or a hearing loss that is asymmetrical, meaning one ear has significantly poorer hearing than the other. The acronym “CROS” stands for "contralateral routing of signal" where sound from the patient’s “bad ear” is transferred over to their “better ear” to help localize where sounds are coming from and improve understanding of speech in noisy environments. 

As with almost all hearing aid manufacturers, Widex hearing aids also have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing users to connect their hearing aids to their cell phones either directly (to an iPhone), or with a streaming device. For more information on Bluetooth connectivity and hearing aid assistive listening devices, please see hearing aid accessories.