If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

Why? – When the hearing nerve and hearing part of the brain are deprived of sound, they gradually atrophy (weaken). When this weakening occurs, it makes managing hearing loss through means like hearing aids and other assistive listening devices more difficult. The medical term for this phenomenon is auditory deprivation

Auditory deprivation is the process in which individuals with untreated hearing loss gradually lose their ability to recognize speech due to lack of auditory stimulation.

Causes of auditory deprivation in adults:
  • Waiting too long to treat your hearing loss with hearing aids.
  • Choosing not to treat your hearing loss.
  • Single-ear hearing aid use. This causes the aided-ear to do all the work which weakens the unaided ear over time. Also known as the Unaided Ear Effect.
  • Improper fitting or fine tuning of current hearing aids. Hearing aid users should be seen by their certified audiologists on a regular basis in order to maintain optimal hearing and monitor any changes.