Alyson Earle, Audiologist, explains some hearing aid troubleshooting steps that can be done in the clinic when hearing aids aren't working properly.

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Please note, this video has been simplified due to time constraints and therefore does not include all hearing aid troubleshooting measures and addresses only one of many potential hearing aid issues requiring repair.

When using a listening tube, an audiologist will perform a "listening check" using the Ling 6 Sound Check. The sounds used for the Ling 6 Sound Check are: “mmm”, “ahh, “ooo”, “ee”, “shh”, and “sss”. (/m/, /ah/, /u/(oo), /i/(ee), /sh/ and /s/). These sounds represent speech in the low, mid, and high frequency regions.  During a routine hearing aid cleaning appointment, this Ling 6 Sound Check is always completed, along with various other forms of electronic testing to ensure proper functioning of your hearing aids.

If your hearing aids are not working properly, do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on the issue, we may be able to help you immediately upon walk-in with the help of one of our Client Care Specialists. You may need to book an appointment with one of our audiologists for further investigation and to allow for an otoscopic examination to determine if an excess of wax in the ear canal is interfering with your hearing and/or proper functioning of your hearing aid(s). 

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