Hearing Solutions

At Sackville & Alderney Hearing Centres we are not limited to one hearing aid manufacturer. We have a wide variety of hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and protective hearing products to choose from.

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Sackville Hearing: 902 865-4455

Alderney Hearing: 902 465-4334

We will provide a complete diagnostic assessment of your hearing ability and if necessary, recommend a solution that is based on your specific needs. Our clinics have a strong focus on educating patients on their hearing health care, providing appropriate counselling and follow-up. We also provide payment plans for those requiring it.

Our Hearing Solutions

  • women holds a digital hearing aid balanced on index finger

    Digital Hearing Aid Technology

    Digital technology has made a huge impact on the way hearing aids look, feel and work. They can be so small making them virtually invisible, and so natural sounding, they mimic closely the way you used to hear before you experienced hearing loss.

  • Close up of custom hearing protection in ear

    Custom Hearing Protection

    Audiologists see first hand the damage overexposure to loud noise can do to a person's hearing. People are bombarded every day with noise from traffic, lawn mowers, heavy machinery, music, office equipment and power tools both at work and at home. Our Hearing Centres can provide you with a variety of custom hearing protection styles and options.

  • Assitive Listening Device

    Assistive Listening Devices

    Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are devices that are used to assist hearing in situations where hearing aid use alone is not enough. Our Hearing Centres provide an array of assistive listening devices including television and phone amplifiers, personal amplification devices, bed shaker alarm clocks, doorbell signalers and amplified baby monitors.