Why Choose Us

Our Client/Family-First Focus

We know that hearing loss is so much more than simply “not hearing”. Hearing loss is the tension that builds with your spouse when you continue to ask for repetition. Hearing loss is the embarrassment you feel when you have misheard something. Hearing loss is avoiding social situations out of fear that you will mishear something. And hearing loss is the fatigue you experience after a long day of trying to listen.

At Sackville and Alderney Hearing Centres we also know that the treatment of hearing loss goes far beyond the hearing aid. A hearing aid is a necessary tool to help you HEAR; however, it is what you do above and beyond the hearing aid that helps you LISTEN. Our team works closely with clients and loved ones to ensure hearing aids are not sitting in a drawer somewhere.

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Our Registered Audiologists

As Registered Audiologists, we will educate you on your hearing loss and what it means in day-to-day life. We will explain your hearing aid and financing options in a way that is easy to understand. We will counsel you on additional listening and environmental strategies in those inevitable hard-to-hear situations where you would rather put your hearing aids in your pocket.

At Sackville and Alderney Hearing Centres we pride ourselves in our service to our clients. We will do our very best to ensure you experience a successful and rewarding hearing healthcare journey. 

Independent & Locally Owned

What it means to be an independently-owned and operated hearing aid clinic

We are proud to say that Sackville and Alderney Hearing Centres are Audiologist-owned and operated clinics. What this means for our hearing aid clients is more choice, more individualized service, and more follow-up care.

Our team knows that the foundation of trust is built on integrity, competence, communication and consistency. We want you to trust us with all your hearing healthcare needs.

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