Our clinics offer wax removal services to our hearing aid patients. Our clinicians use microsuction to remove wax from patient’s ears. Microsuction is considered the safest method of wax removal as it allows constant observation of the ear canal and does not involve the use of water which reduces the risk of infection.

When necessary our clinicians will also use curettage.

Ear wax softening by use of drops is required before wax removal appointments. Audiologist Choice ear drops (active ingredient: 6.5% carbamide peroxide) can be purchased from our clinics.

Wax removal drops are not recommended for patients with perforated eardrums. 

Contraindications for wax removal via irrigation:

  • Signs or symptoms of current infection or a history of recurrent infections 
  • Current or history of tympanic membrane perforation 
  • Presence of myringotomy tubes 
  • History of ear surgery 
  • History of systemic diseases increasing one’s risk of infection